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RetroFitting 360, Inc, is one of the leading Los Angeles retrofit contractors specializing in soft-story buildings. On any given day, our professional contractors are working on various properties throughout the city. This apartment complex on Vinton Avenue in LA is currently one such property. A soft-story building is any structure that has more than three floors built over a ground level that has multiple windows and large doors. Also large open spaces, like parking garages qualify. In order for these types of buildings to withstand the shaking of an earthquake they usually need a shear wall.

Without the required modifications completed by our Los Angeles retrofit company, this building could collapse during an earthquake.

In order to begin the process of this seismic retrofit by our company which is a Los Angeles retrofit contractor, a great amount of planning had to be done. First we had to get the engineering and architectural plans approved by the department for compliance. After the plans were approved, the construction phase began. Because the tenants here were going to be affected by the process they needed to be notified in advance. Once everything was ready, trenches were dug so the wood beams could be replaced with steel ones. The steel beams add more strength to the structure in order to counteract the force of an earthquake.

During this soft-story retrofit we also converted the previously loose connections of the building with new connectors to ensure a more unified structure. This will keep the building intact during an earthquake which can easily cause a weak building to collapse. A seismic retrofit benefits your tenants by making the building safer for them, and benefits you by minimizing the damage that an earthquake can cause.

What We Offer

If your building is one that has been mandated to complete a soft-story retrofit by a Los Angeles retrofit contractor, we can get you started. When you set up an initial consultation, one of our professional contractors will do a walkthrough of your property to assess the current conditions. Then they will draw up a detailed step-by-step guide for you of what modifications need to be done so you will be in compliance with the ordinance.

RetroFitting 360, Inc. is a leading provider of soft-story earthquake retrofits in the Los Angeles area. Our experienced staff will focus on the most cost-effective and efficient construction solution to meet your needs. Our civil and structural professionals will draw up the necessary plans to modify the building that are needed for permits to be issued.

Our team is committed to turning your soft-story retrofit into as easy a process as we can for you and your tenants. If you are worried about the stability of your building, or you received a letter from the city to comply with the mandatory Soft-Story Retrofit Program we can help. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection of your property and find out about the cost-effective solutions available to you.


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