Soft Story Retrofit 1596 W 24th St, Los Angeles, CA 90007

As one of the leading LA Soft Story Retrofit Contractors, RetorFitting360, Inc. is involved on a daily basis with multiple properties, including apartment and commercial buildings, that have what's known as a ‘soft story’ condition. This property that we have retrofitted, located at 1596 West 24th ST, in Los Angeles, is one such property. This building was considered a soft-story because it has three or more stories located over a ground level and windows, large doors, commercial spaces and other openings in a place where a shear wall is typically required to provide stability.

Without the necessary strengthening by our Los Angeles Retrofit Company, this building may have been prone to structural damage during an earthquake.

The process of a Seismic Retrofit by our company which is a Los Angeles retrofit contractor required great attention and planning. The first step was getting the engineering and architectural plans approved by the department for compliance. Once the plans were approved, the construction phase began. Because tenants were likely to be affected by the retrofit process they were notified in advance. Then, once ready for construction, trenches were dug to install new steel beams in place of wooden beams. This was done to ensure that sufficient strength was added to the soft story so that it can counteract the forces induced by earthquake.

The previously loosely connected parts of the building were reinforced providing the building with more stability. During the shaking of an earthquake weak buildings can very quickly collapse or fall apart. As a building owner, one of the many benefits of hiring an LA soft story retrofit contractor is that in the case of an earthquake your building will be safer for your tenants.

What we offer

If you received a letter to comply from the city you will need to hire a LA soft story retrofit contractor. RetroFitting 360 will get the process started by completing an evaluation of your building and creating a cost estimate for you. Our experts will inspect your property to analyze and assess the current conditions. You will receive a detailed plan that lists the work that needs to be done.

We serve the greater Los Angeles area and our goal is to provide you with a softy-story retrofit that is both cost-effective and efficient. Our civil, architectural and structural staff will draw up the required plans of the modifications needed in order for the permits to be acquired.

At RetroFitting 360 we are committed to making the soft-story retrofit process as stress free as possible. We work with you every step of the way so you and your tenant’s daily lives will remain as undisturbed during the retrofit. If you received a letter to comply from the city, or you just have questions about your property and how a seismic retrofit can benefit you, contact us today for a free evaluation.


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