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Soft Story Retrofit Pacific Palisades

Retorfitting360, Inc. is a Soft Story Retrofit Contractor in Pacific Palisades that is constantly engaged with a variety of properties, including apartment and business structures, with what’s referred to as a “soft story” issue. These properties must comply with the Pacific Palisades Soft-Story Retrofit Program. 

Those who are not familiar with the term, might ask: “What is a soft story building?”

The term “soft story building” refers to a structure with three or more stories located over a ground level and windows, monumental doors, commercial areas, and other openings where the use of a shear wall is usually required.

Such structures may be more susceptible to structural damage during an earthquake if they are not strengthened by a Pacific Palisades Retrofitting Contractor. Because the first floor of a structure lacks sufficient shear walls, it is fragile. Beams surrounding open parking spaces are not strong enough to support the entire building during a significant earthquake.

Because of this, the City of Pacific Palisades, a few years ago, passed legislation establishing minimum requirements for soft-story structures in order to minimize structural flaws caused by earthquakes. Of course, this was done with the intention of increasing public safety and reducing structural shortcomings owing to said quakes. The City of Los Angeles has a municipal code that requires the installation of an engineered seismically resilient structure on all pre-1978 soft-story structures. A seismic retrofit by a Pacific Palisades Soft Story Retrofit Contractor may be required for buildings on a list produced by the Department of Building Safety to be seismically secure by 2022.

Seismic Retrofit Process

The City of Los Angeles Building Department has compiled a lengthy list of structures that may be impacted by the development, and notifications have been sent out to the property owners. Depending on the size of the structure, a soft retrofit may cost anywhere from $42,000 to $85,000 or more. After receiving a compliance order, building owners have two years to submit plans for retrofitting, demolition, or documentation that the structure does not require retrofitting. The retrofitting process itself must be completed within seven years of getting the notification.

The process of a professional Pacific Palisades soft story retrofit by an experienced firm is time-consuming and complicated. The first stage is to have the engineering and architectural blueprints approved by the department for compliance.After the plans are approved, the building phase may begin. Because tenants are likely to be affected by the retrofit project, it’s critical that they’re informed ahead of time.Trenches are dug once the steel beams have been constructed to replace the old wooden ones. These ensure that the soft story has enough strength to resist earthquake forces.

A soft-story remodel connects the formerly loosely connected elements of a structure into a single structure that does not collapse when subjected to earthquake forces, which can easily destroy flimsy structures. Another advantage is that, in addition to the safety of its residents, a retrofit process is likely to minimize earthquake damage and thus reduce repair expenses after a quake.


What We Offer

We can begin the process today by offering you with a thorough examination and cost estimate for your structure if it’s one that needs to be retrofitted with a soft-story renovation in Pacific Palisades.Our retrofit professionals will go through your property to assess and evaluate the conditions, as well as quantify and detail all of the requirements in a thorough plan and step-by-step instructions for achieving compliance with the ordinance.

As a major provider of soft-story seismic retrofitting in the Pacific Palisades region, we prefer cost-effective and efficient building options. We have civil, architectural, and structural personnel on staff who can modify the floor and site plans as required in order to obtain building permits.

We at RetroFitting360, Inc. are dedicated to making your soft-story retrofitting project as painless as possible, both quick and simple for you and your renters.You can contact us to get a free evaluation of your property and the most cost-effective solution, regardless if you received a notice for the seismic retrofit to fulfill the Pacific Palisades Soft-Story Retrofit Program ordinance or are concerned about your building’s foundation and want to improve it.

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