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Soft Story Retrofit Glendale

Retorfitting360, Inc. is one of Glendale’s top Soft Story Retrofit Contractors, working on a daily basis with a variety of properties, including apartment and commercial buildings, with what are known as a “soft story” situation. The City of Glendale’s Soft-Story Retrofit Program must be followed by these structures.

Those unfamiliar with the phrase might wonder, “What exactly is a ‘soft story’ building?”

A soft story construction is a building with three or more stories located above a ground level and windows, big doors, commercial areas, and other openings where the lack of a sheer wall is usually necessary to maintain stability.

Buildings constructed without the necessary strengthening from a Glendale Retrofitting Contractor are vulnerable to structural damage in an earthquake. A first-story building’s foundation is faulty since it lacks adequate shear walls. The beams that surround open parking spaces are not robust enough to support the entire structure during a major earthquake.

The City of Glendale, for example, passed legislation to enforce strict building standards for soft-story structures several years ago.It was intended to help people understand why we should prepare for earthquakes and what we could do during an earthquake. The 1992 Ordinance on Soft-Story Buildings applies to all pre-1978 soft-story structures. A seismic retrofit by a Glendale Soft Story Retrofit Contractor may be required for buildings that are included in a list prepared by the Department of Building Safety.

Seismic Retrofit Process

A professional Glendale soft story retrofit contractor’s approach to a Seismic Retrofit necessitates meticulous attention and planning. The first step is for the department of engineering and architecture to approve the engineering and architectural plans.After the plans are accepted, the construction process may begin. Because tenants are likely to be disturbed by the retrofit procedure, they should be notified ahead of time.Once ready for construction, trenches are dug to install new steel beams in place of wooden beams. These ensure that the building has sufficient strength so that it can counteract the forces induced by earthquake.

A soft-story retrofit provides the building with connectors that convert the previously loosely connected parts of a building into a unified structure that stays intact when affected by earthquake forces which can easily tear weak buildings apart. ” An additional benefit to building owners is that besides the safety of its tenants, a retrofit process is sure to minimize damage from earthquakes and therefore reduces repair costs after a seismic event.”


What We Offer

If your structure must be retrofitted with a soft-story modification by a Glendale Retrofit Contractor, we can get started right away by providing you an evaluation and cost estimate. Our retrofit experts will walk through your property to analyze and assess the conditions and outline all the requirements in a detailed plan and step-by-step guide which will be needed to comply with the ordinance.

We offer cost-effective and efficient construction solutions as a major supplier of soft-story seismic retrofitting in Glendale. We have civil, architectural, and structural personnel that can modify the floor and site plans as needed in order to get permits.


RetroFitting360, Inc.’s team is committed to making your soft-story retrofitting project as painless and quick as possible by turning it into a chore for you and your tenants.If you received a letter regarding the seismic retrofit to comply with the Glendale Soft-Story Retrofit Program ordinance, or if you are concerned about your building’s foundation and want to improve it, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation evaluation of your property and the most cost-effective solution.

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