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Soft Story Retrofit Beverly Hills

Retorfitting360, Inc. is a leading Soft Story Retrofit Contractor in Beverly Hills, working on a daily basis with numerous properties, including apartment and commercial structures, with what’s known as a “soft story” condition. These properties must comply with the Beverly Hills Soft-Story Retrofit Program. 

Those who are not familiar with the term, might ask: “What is a soft story building?”

A soft story building is one that sits on top of a ground level and has windows, large doors, commercial spaces, and other openings in areas where a shear wall is normally required to give stability.

Any structure that has not been strengthened to code by a Beverly Hills Retrofitting Contractor may be at risk of structural damage during an earthquake. Because the first floor of a building lacks sufficient shear walls, it is weak. Beams surrounding open parking spaces are not strong enough to support the entire building during a significant earthquake.

Because of this, the City of Beverly Hills passed a set of rules in 2015 mandating specific requirements for soft-story structures. Obviously, this was done in order to increase public safety and minimize structural faults caused by earthquakes. The city of Beverly Hills’ existing law requires all pre-1978 soft-story structures to be retrofitted. A seismic retrofit by a Beverly Hills Soft Story Retrofit Contractor may be required for buildings that are included in the Department of Building Safety’s list by 2022.


Seismic Retrofit Process

City and county building officials have compiled a lengthy list of structures that may need to be retrofitted, and they’ve sent out notifications to property owners so that they can begin the process. Depending on the size of the structure, a soft story repair might cost anywhere from $42,000 to $85,000 or more. After the LEED authorities have approved a certain number of points in the building’s construction and operations, they will issue an order telling owners to make changes. Owners must submit plans for retrofitting, demolition, or proof that their structure does not need it within two years of receiving the compliance order. Retrofitting activities must be completed within seven years following notification

The process of a professional Beverly Hills soft story retrofit contractor performing a Seismic Retrofit necessitates meticulous attention and preparation. The first step is obtaining departmental approval for the engineering and architectural drawings. Once the plans are validated, construction may begin. Because tenants are likely to be affected by the retrofitting process, it’s critical that they are informed ahead of time. Then, once the new steel beams have been installed in place of wooden ones, trenches are dug to install them. These ensure that enough strength is added to the soft story so that it can counteract earthquake forces.


A soft-story retrofit connects the formerly loosely connected parts of a structure into a unified structure that remains intact when subjected to earthquake forces, which can easily tear weak buildings apart. Another advantage of retrofitting is that, in addition to the safety of its renters, a retrofit procedure is almost certain to minimize quake damage and, as a result, repair expenses after an earthquake.


What We Offer

We can begin the process today by providing you with an evaluation and cost estimate for your building if it is one that needs to be retrofitted with a soft-story modification by a Beverly Hills Retrofit Contractors.. We will go through your home with you to assess and evaluate the circumstances, outline all of the requirements in a thorough plan, and provide a step-by-step guide to ensure that you comply with the law.

We concentrate on cost-effective and efficient construction solutions as a leading provider of soft-story seismic retrofitting in the Beverly Hills area. We have civil, architectural, and structural specialists on staff who can modify the floor and site plans as required in order for permits to be obtained.

RetroFitting360, Inc. is here to help you convert your soft-story retrofit into a quick and simple process for you and your renters.You may contact us to learn more about the Beverly Hills Soft-Story Retrofit Program ordinance and how it relates to your property, or if you received a letter stating that your building’s foundation must be seismologically strengthened.

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