The greater Los Angeles area covers many different cites, each with their own unique charm and personality. West Hollywood certainly fits that description. The town is full of ritzy, new restaurants, celebrity hang-outs, and comedy bars. The famous Sunset Strip runs through the town, as well as, Santa Monica Boulevard with its rows of rainbow flags. You will find many trendy new restaurants along this street mixed in with gay bars and clubs. Besides all of the fun nightlife that West Hollywood has to offer, the town also sees its share of the common California earthquakes. Just like many areas around Los Angeles, building owners here have been mandated to bring their structures up to the new soft-story retrofitting codes.

West Hollywood was one of the many towns that was heavily affected by the earthquake in 1994. At a magnitude of 6.7 many structures were demolished and neighborhoods ruined. The town itself has experienced many quakes, most quite mild, since 1931. But after the Northgate Earthquake of 1994, the city of Los Angeles updated their soft-story building policies to help prevent future destruction in the event of an earthquake.

After the 1994, earthquake was over, city officials toured the area to assess the damage and make plans for future seismic events. Structures built after that earthquake should be up to code on the new safety measures enacted. But it wasn’t until recently that the city updated its policies on older buildings. If your building was constructed before 1994, you will want to call one of the soft-story retrofit contractors in West Hollywood to get your retrofit started.

How do I know if my building qualifies for a soft-story retrofit?

There are many types of buildings and it can be confusing to know just what kind you own or live in. One of the most common is a soft-story building. These buildings have three, or more, stories. They also have a ground floor that is open. The ground floor could include commercial space that has windows and doors. It could also include a parking garage, or other type of large, open space. The main categorization of a soft story building is that it is built above ground level.

After the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, soft story buildings were identified as being particularly vulnerable to earthquakes. This is because there might not be enough support at the bottom of the building to support higher floors. In many buildings constructed before 1994, the upper floors collapsed in on the bottom floor.

There are many solutions to retrofitting a soft story building. One option could be creating more shear walls that are better able to prop up existing floors. Or, if these walls already exist, they could be further re-enforced. As for parking garages, they may need extra steel beams or more columns to add more support.

Whatever your building needs, you won’t have to worry about the details. Retrofitting 360, a reliable retrofit contractor in West Hollywood, are experts at soft-story buildings. They know all the tricks of the trade to ensure that your building is able to withstand any future earthquakes. Remember that while the soft story retrofit program is mandatory, it is done so with your safety in mind. Soft story buildings were hit hard in the 1994 earthquake.

Understanding the process.

Like many owners in West Hollywood you may have been issued a notice to retrofit your property. The next step is to begin the process. Your professional Retrofitting 360 contractor will help you with the entire process. The date to have the retrofit completed is by 2022. First, an assessment needs to be done so that the scope of the project is clear. Retrofitting could involve more shear walls, or it could include a new steel frame. Permits need to be issued and then construction can commence.

At the end of the project, inspections and final reports will be completed. The point is that in order to actually be done by the deadline, this whole process needs to start as soon as possible. Look to West Hollywood Retrofitting Contractors, such as Retrofitting 360. They are the experts in their field. They understand the city ordinance and specialize in soft story apartment buildings. Efficient, knowledgeable, practical, and professional; you can expect all this from Retrofitting 360. Remember that the next big earthquake isn’t a question of if it will happen, but when it will happen.

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