Long Beach Soft-Story Retrofit Contractor

Long Beach sits on the coast of California, around the Queensway Bay. The city is home to the Queen Mary, an ocean liner that is now one of the area’s most popular attractions. The Aquarium of the Pacific and Rancho Los Cerritos can also be found here. While Long Beach is known for its many tourist attractions, it also suffers from the same disaster, earthquakes, like most of the Los Angeles area. Due to the destruction left behind after an earthquake, city officials have now put in place a soft-story retrofit policy.

In most cases, earthquakes felt around California are minor and considered normal. But, occasionally, they turn out to be a major disaster leaving behind considerable destruction. For example, on January 17, 1994, California residents were woke up abruptly to powerful ground shaking that destroyed all types of structures. Everything from highway overpasses to utility lines, houses, and apartment buildings collapsed. Whole city blocks were in ruin and this major earthquake took the lives of 60 citizens. Because of the destruction done by this earthquake, the city of Los Angeles took measures to ensure that buildings and structures would not suffer this type of damage in future quakes. Long Beach Retrofit Contractors are available to help implement the new retrofitting policies.

One of these specialized companies that stands out from the rest is Retrofitting 360. The cover the greater Los Angeles area and Long Beach. A professional contractor will work with you to provide the most cost-effective solutions to ensure your building meets the mandatory Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Program.

Does your building meet the soft-story requirements?

Any building that is three, or more, stories high, and is built above ground, is considered a soft-story building. On the ground level of these structures there is usually doors and windows and some type of commercial space. When they are built they include a sheer wall to stabilize the structure. But, apartment and office building built before 1994, may not have a sheer wall that reaches high enough.

Another thing to consider, is the open spaces, like parking garages, which the structure might include. During a major quake, if these are not built according to the current policies, they will not be safe during a major earthquake. The floors can easily collapse on themselves, trapping people inside. A Soft Story Retrofit Contractor in Long Beach will be needed to make sure your building can withstand the ground rolling and shaking if a quake should occur.

Why should I get my building retrofitted?

You can never know when an earthquake is going to hit, or where. City officials have set a deadline for 2020, when all soft-story buildings constructed before 1994, need to be brought up to code. If you are a landlord, this is doubly important. It is up to you to maintain the safety of your building. Many family members sued landlords after the Northgate Earthquake and won. You do not want to be responsible for a tenant’s loss of life or have to face an expensive lawsuit.

Steps needed to complete a retrofit.

You will want to hire a contractor who knows the area, the building codes, and has a history of soft story retrofits. Once the initial assessment is done, they will create a job plan and work with you to help you choose the best option to get the job completed according to your needs. As a building owner, you will get to decide the ultimate path, but remember that your building needs to follow the updated city codes.

Once a path for retrofitting has been determined, the work will commence. Retrofit 360 contractors will work hard and do their best to minimize construction annoyances. Noise will be kept to a minimum and work hours won’t impede night time. Parking will be kept open and construction vehicles will do their best not to disrupt traffic. It is understood that people will still be living in the area during the retrofit process, and they will want to be disturbed as little as possible.

Once the job has been completed, city engineers will come out to offer final inspections. Each building needs to pass inspection as part of the soft story retrofit program, so all steps will have been taken to pass this inspection at the end. By completing all of these steps you can be assured that when the next major earthquake strikes you will be protected.

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