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Soft-Story Offer

For a short time, we’re offering a $1,500 rebate for your soft-story retrofit project.


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This Offer Gets You...

$6,500 Engineering Package (for 10 units or less) includes:

  • Complete Architectural Drawings and Engineering Calcs.
  • City Representation (Submittal & Approval)
  • Construction Job Scope 
  • Construction Cost Quote (Know Exactly What it Will Cost)
  • Tenant Habitability Plan (Required Tenant Notice)
  • $1,500 Rebate for Engineering
  • Construction Schedule
  • Project Management

Free estimate
Get a free retrofit evaluation performed by a CA licensed engineer ensuring the accuracy of your project estimate.
Since early 2016, our professional team members have collectively worked on over 100 soft story retrofit projects in the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica and West Hollywood.

Preliminary Design
Each building is different and requires a different approach. Our professional team of experts will visit your building to asses existing conditions and create a preliminary design prior to providing you with a cost estimate. This process is the backbone of the Retrofit project and will prevent unnecessary changes during construction.

Project Management
Managing a retrofit project can be very demanding and time consuming. There are plenty of factors involved during the design stages as well as through the Construction phase. Understanding the ordinance and knowing the building Code are key factors in ensuring a smooth process and reduction of construction cost. Let us use our extensive experience and manage your project from design to construction and everything in between.