3 Reasons You Need To Get An Earthquake Retrofit

Posted on Jan 25, 2019

Every night the news features stories from around the world of massive earthquakes that have struck the US or other countries. All of them have left behind the destruction of buildings, infrastructure, and in many cases, the loss of life.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you might remember the Northgate Earthquake of 1994. This massive quake caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and was responsible for Los Angeles city officials rewriting the building codes for future construction. If you are in the San Fernando Valley, you might have been one of the many owners who was issued a notice to retrofit your building.

Just thinking about the scope of this type of job can be overwhelming. It is important to understand that while the up-front costs may seem expensive, there are huge benefits for ensuring your building will stand up to the next earthquake to...

3 Tips For Hiring A Seismic Retrofitting Company

Posted on Jan 21, 2019

California is known for its mild weather and miles of sandy beaches. But, they also have the most seismic activity of any state in the country. If you are a property owner, rather it is an apartment complex or office building, you will want to make sure your building can withstand the damaging effects of an earthquake. This is especially true if your property sits in San Fernando Valley. To make sure your building is safe you may need a seismic retrofit.

These modifications are necessary to make sure your building won’t collapse, or sustain irreparable damage, during an earthquake. Because California is such a seismically active state, it just a matter of when the next quake will strike, not if. As the building owner, it is your responsibility to make sure it is up to current safety codes and not a hazard for your tenants.

To get the job done right, you will want to...

How To Hire A Structural Engineer For Soft Story Retrofitting and Concrete Repair

Posted on Jan 17, 2019

Out of all the states in the continental U.S., the state with the most earthquakes is California. And if you live in the Los Angeles area, you know the San Fernando Valley is prone to quakes, both large and small. No matter what the earthquake registers numerically, even a small one can cause structural damage. Buildings made of concrete, brick, or cinder blocks can crack during a small quake, leaving them vulnerable to collapse during a large one. If your building was constructed before 1978, or went through an earthquake recently, you will need to have it assessed by a professional to make sure it is safe and secure.

First Step, Hire a Qualified Inspector While you might be tempted to hire your buddy who runs his own general contracting business, this is not a good idea. You need to find a company that offers structural engineers. These professionals are...

Have You Created an Earthquake Preparedness Plan for Your Commercial Property?

Posted on Jan 10, 2019

If you are a own commercial properties in California, then you know, like it or not, that earthquakes are a natural and eventual occurrence. Even if you are aware of this natural phenomena, are your prepared for it? Most business and property owners do not have plans for protecting their business in the cases of a natural disaster.

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, conducted a study and the results were pretty sad. According to their research, about 60% of small businesses will reopen after an earthquake. Out of those 60% about one fourth of them will be out of business within a year. Here are some tips for creating your earthquake preparedness plan that will help to reduce your risks and protect your property.

Keeping People Safe

The first goal of any earthquake preparedness plan is to protect the lives of the people in your...

Soft Story Retrofit Cost Los Angeles

Posted on Nov 25, 2018

Earthquake damage is expensive. Not only can all of your possessions be destroyed, but the memories created in your home can also cease to exist. No one wants to think about the destruction that an earthquake brings, but unfortunately, if you live in Los Angeles, it is a reality that needs to be recognized. After the horrendous Northridge Earthquake that struck California in 1994, many building codes were amended to ensure that homes and businesses would be protected. It can take a bit of money to ensure safety, which is why this article will discuss the soft story retrofit cost in Los Angeles.

Retrofit Program

All new buildings in Los Angeles are virtually earthquake-proof. But what about older buildings? Unfortunately, because they were not built to withstand major earthquakes, they are at a huge risk of damage in the event of another natural...

Santa Monica Soft Story Seismic Retrofit

Posted on Nov 18, 2018

In 1994, the Northridge Earthquake struck, flattening homes and destroying lives. After the dust settled, steps were taken to ensure that everyone would be protected before another major disaster could happen. To this end, numerous programs and city ordinances came into effect to ensure that buildings that were built before the Northridge Earthquake are properly retrofitted so that they adhere to current earthquake standards. One such program, the Santa Monica Soft Story Seismic Retrofit program, came into effect in 2017.

While new buildings are all built to withstand powerful earthquakes, unfortunately, many older buildings are not. Instead of tearing down or condemning these buildings, however, owners can engage local contractors, such as Retrofitting360, to make their buildings safe and habitable.

Who Does This Effect?

Through the Santa...

Apartment Retrofitting in Los Angeles

Posted on Nov 13, 2018

Apartment Retrofitting

California has long suffered the disastrous effects of earthquakes, but the most recent one, the Northridge Earthquake in January of 1994, was historic for many reasons. Not only did it take the lives of 60 people and injured another 9,000, but the vast infrastructure of Los Angeles was hard hit. Overpasses were demolished, sewer and utility lines were crushed. The entire city came to a grinding halt. While earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault are nothing new, because of the population explosion that has hit southern California, the effects seem all the more disastrous. To help avoid a similar fate to 1995, the city of Los Angeles has passed new ordinance that makes apartment retrofitting mandatory for those buildings that are most at risk.

Time Frames

The new legislation affects over 15,000 buildings in Los Angeles. Thankfully there are adequate...