How Has Apartment Retrofitting Advanced over the Years?

Posted on Mar 1, 2019

If you own, or live in, a building in Los Angeles an earthquake retrofit to your building is beneficial. But it is necessary in the cases of tilt-up or non-ductile concrete, wood, and masonry brick structures. Over the years, advances in modern technology and construction techniques have improved the safety and stability of structures built in seismically active areas, like Los Angeles. But buildings constructed before 1996, do not have these newer safety features.

Today, Apartment Retrofitting services are not only more dependable, but they are safer than before. While modern technology has helped to improve these services, you will still need a seismic expert who has the knowledge and skill to use them. An earthquake retrofit is not a DIY project. To get it done right you will need to hire a structural engineer and a seismic retrofit company for the...

Far Too Many Buildings in Los Angeles Are an Earthquake Risk in Need of a Retrofit Contractor

Posted on Feb 28, 2019

It is estimated that just over 13,000 buildings around the city of Los Angeles pose a dangerous risk in the event of an earthquake and in need of a Retrofit Contractor. If a major quake were to hit the city, these structures are likely to collapse causing devastation and even the loss of life. As part of the city’s efforts to reduce the destruction left behind an earthquake they are requiring owners to get their buildings retrofitted.

Most of the buildings at risk are wood-framed buildings, like apartments, that include carports or parking garages on the ground floor. Other buildings are known as soft-story structures, or buildings constructed from steel and concrete. City officials have stated that while these structures on their list of possible risks, they have not declared them to be unsafe. These officials will be conducting further studies to...

What You Need to Know About Earthquake Retrofitting in Los Angeles

Posted on Feb 24, 2019

If you own commercial property, or just rent, in the Los Angeles area, you have probably been hearing a lot about the mandatory earthquake retrofits. The city upgraded its building codes to ensure that buildings would be safer during, and after, an earthquake. Getting these modifications done is expensive, but it is something you must do to save lives and money later. A seismic retrofit is comprised of a number to steps, from beginning to end. Here are some of the questions our clients have asked.

How Do I Know if My Building Needs a Retrofit?

If your building was constructed before 1996, you are in need of retrofitting services. After the Northgate Earthquake of 1994, the city of Los Angeles created new building policies that cover life safety and they made it mandatory that all buildings constructed before that quake...

So Your Los Angeles Apartment Building Needs an Earthquake Retrofit, Here is What You Need to Know

Posted on Feb 21, 2019

If you own an apartment building in the Los Angeles area chances are good that it needs an earthquake retrofit. The city passed new policies, specifically Ordinance 183893, which mandates that any soft-story, or wood-framed, building constructed before 1978, must undergo a retrofit to meet the new standards. This law was designed to make buildings more durable and safer during an earthquake. Many owners were issued notices by the city mandating that they take action now. If you received a notice, or just want to know if your building meets the new standard, you will need to hire a retrofitting company that has experience with apartment buildings. Here are some important tips to help you hire the right contractor for the job.

Do I Need to Get a Retrofit on My Apartment Building?

The answer depends on whether or not your...

3 Steps You Need to Take to Complete the Seismic Retrofit Los Angeles Requires

Posted on Feb 19, 2019

A lot of the buildings in the Los Angeles area are classified as a soft-story structure. What that means is, these buildings have rooms or offices located above a garage, parking structure, lobby or entryway. When a major earthquake strikes, which is the norm for this area, if the building had not had an earthquake retrofit, the floors are likely to collapse on top of each other.

The city has written new ordinances that mandate all soft-story structures built before 1994, are required to have a seismic retrofit. City officials sent out notices to owners of these structures notifying them of this new ordinance, and in most cases, giving them a deadline of 2022.

The new ordinances provide a timetable as to when you must have the job completed and the proof submitted. If you have already started the work, or had a retrofit done previously,...

The Components Needed for Los Angeles Seismic Retrofitting

Posted on Feb 14, 2019

Seismic retrofitting is used to make modifications to older buildings so they are more durable, and safer, during earthquakes and aftershocks. If you are a building owner in the Los Angeles area, whether it is a non-ductile or tilt-up, you will want to have a retrofit done so your building will be protected when the next earthquake hits. Everyone in, and around, Los Angeles knows it just a matter of time till this happens. Following are the different techniques used depending on which type of building you own.

Techniques Used for Concrete Tilt-Up Buildings

Braced Frames and Concrete Footings: These two components are not used in every seismic retrofit of a concrete tilt-up building. Your professional contractor will inspect your property in the beginning, including the geometry of the structure and...

Do Non-Ductile Buildings Pose a Risk During an Earthquake?

Posted on Feb 1, 2019

In the past few years, it seems there more and more news stories about earthquakes around the country. Certain states are more likely than others to experience this natural disaster, like California. In most cases, it is non-ductile buildings that received the most damage. If you own this type of structure, don’t let the next earthquake devastate you.

Modifying an existing building can be done by an experienced seismic retrofitting company. If your building is in the Los Angeles area, you may have been notified that this retrofit is mandatory. Older buildings, built before 1994, need to be upgraded to include the new safety standards that were enacted after the Northgate Earthquake of 1994.

The San Fernando Valley is comprised of hundreds of non-ductile buildings that are extremely dangerous and could collapse during the next earthquake. But, a simple retrofit can fix...