Los Angeles Soft-Story Retrofit Engineering

Posted on Mar 27, 2019

Your Los Angeles soft-story retrofit engineering process should begin with a call to Retrofitting 360. One of our seismic engineers will visit your property and provide you with a free initial consultation. After they inspect your building they will contact you to go over all of your retrofitting options. Our main goal is always “how can we best retrofit your building to withstand the next major earthquake”.

We have found that not all soft-story retrofits are the same. Each building has its own unique needs depending on its age, construction material, and what it is used for. Here at RetroFitting 360, our engineers will look into a variety of options to determine which retrofit engineering process is best for your unique needs. The main goal of any retrofitting project is to make sure your structure will meet all of the Los Angeles city earthquake policies...

Los Angeles Retrofit Deadlines

Posted on Mar 20, 2019

Like most soft-story building owners in Los Angeles, you are probably wondering about the city’s soft-story retrofit deadlines. Worry no more as we break them down for you here. If you have received a letter to perform a seismic retrofit on your building by the city, this notice should have broken them down for you. But if you missed the notice, or are just not sure, RetroFitting 360 is here to help.

In 2015 Los Angeles building officials enacted two new ordinances as part of their Soft-Story Retrofit Program. These ordinances spell out the type of building covered and the deadlines for owners to follow.

Notice to Comply

A notice to comply was mailed out to most building and apartment owners in 2016. These notices went out to owners of buildings that are classified as soft-story structures. The first...

Practical Advice for Your Los Angeles Soft-Story Retrofit Construction

Posted on Mar 17, 2019

Before starting your soft-story retrofit construction project, there are a few things you should know. By following this helpful advice, your project will run smoothly with very little disruption to your business or your tenants.

If you have had repairs done to your building previously, you know that any type of construction work can be unnerving for you and your occupants. For everyone’s sake it is best to get the job completed as quickly as possible. After your building was inspected by your chosen seismic engineer, you should have received a detailed work plan. In this plan the timeline for the project should be laid out clearly. This timeline helps your tenants to plan ahead so their daily lives will not be interrupted during construction.

RetroFitting 360 takes your business and building occupants into account when we plan any...

Your Answers to the Most Important Questions about Earthquake Retrofits in Los Angeles

Posted on Mar 9, 2019

Thousands of buildings around the city of Los Angeles have been identified as being at risk for collapse in the next big earthquake. After 1994, city officials updated building codes and policies that mandate owners to complete Earthquake Retrofits in Los Angeles to ensure the safety of the public and to protect private property. Does your building meet these new earthquake safety codes?

Since the city has mandated that owners and managers complete the retrofitting process throughout Los Angeles many questions have arisen. Here are the four most asked questions and their answers to help you:

Will My Building be Earthquake Proof?

No building is ever completely earthquake proof, but a retrofit will make sure it is safer than it was without one. The process of an earthquake retrofit reinforces a building’...

What a You Need to Know About the Los Angeles Earthquake Retrofit Program and Your Structural Inspection

Posted on Mar 5, 2019

The Los Angeles area is prone to seismic activity and one major step you can take to ensure the safety of your buildings occupants is to get a structural inspection. These types of inspection are useful for repairs after an earthquake and to reinforce your building for future ones. Many owners are unfamiliar with the Los Angeles Earthquake Retrofit Program, have no idea what to expect, or when they need to have this inspection done.

Here are the three main reasons that owners call us for their structural inspection:

They want to make sure their building is structurally sound for their tenants or employees.

They are looking to buy a building and want to get it inspected beforehand, or get an estimate for the costs of needed repairs or a retrofit.

Their building has sustained damage and...

The Los Angeles Earthquake Retrofit Program As it Applies to Commercial Buildings

Posted on Mar 4, 2019

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you know that earthquakes are just part of the package that includes the warm climate and sunny beaches. Over the years many new building practices and technologies have been developed to make sure that buildings and structures are better suited to withstand a California earthquake, like the new Life Safety policies. But many structures that were built before this new technology may not be earthquake proof and are subject to the Los Angeles Earthquake Retrofit Program.

Keep reading to find out if your building is on our list of structures that would benefit from earthquake retrofitting so you will know if this type of reinforcement works for you.

Apartment Buildings and Complexes

The most popular apartment complexes seen around Los Angeles are known as “dingbat”...

When You Need to Hire a Los Angeles Earthquake Retrofitting Contractor, Here are the 4 Steps to Take

Posted on Mar 1, 2019

If you own any commercial buildings in the Los Angeles, California, area, then you know earthquakes are a natural occurrence. In order to keep your tenants, or employees, safe, you may need to have a seismic retrofit done to your building. This includes apartment complexes, hotels, or office buildings. There are a number of companies in the Los Angeles area, but which one is right for you? Here are four steps you should follow to help you answer that question.

1. Make a List

The quickest way to do this is to do a Google search for earthquake retrofitting services in the Los Angeles area. But don’t just hire the first one on the list. Take the time to visit a few of the websites listed in the search results to see what services they offer, how long they have been performing this type of work, and what types of buildings...