Soft Story Retrofitting Tujunga

Lying long the northern edge of the San Fernando Valley is the rustic town of Tujunga. The word comes from the Tongva term for “old woman of the earth”. The town still retains its Spanish character and influence from the 1800’s. The area experienced its first growth spurt in 1865 when gold was discovered in the area.

But Tujunga has remained mostly an agricultural community growing everything from fruit trees to honeybees. Later, during the postwar housing boom, experienced throughout the city of Los Angeles, Tujunga became a largely residential city for workers commuting to the LA. With its location in San Fernando Valley, the town is no stranger to earthquakes.

Like most of the towns and communities in Los Angeles country, Tujunga is full of soft-story buildings built back in the 1950’s and 60’s that are now vulnerable during a quake. You will need to find a soft-story retrofit contractor in Tujunga to see if your property is due for seismic retrofitting.

One of these specialized companies that stands out from the rest is Retrofitting 360. They serve the greater Los Angeles area and Tujunga. A professional contractor will work with you to provide the most cost-effective solutions to ensure your building meets the mandatory Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Program.

Does your building meet the soft-story requirements?

Any building that is three, or more, stories high, and is built above ground, is considered a soft-story building. On the ground level of these structures there is usually doors and windows and some type of commercial space. When they are built they include a sheer wall to stabilize the structure. But, apartment and office building built before 1994, may not have a sheer wall that reaches high enough.

Another thing to consider, is the open spaces, like parking garages, which the structure might include. During a major quake, if these are not built according to the current policies, they will not be safe during a major earthquake. The floors can easily collapse on themselves, trapping people inside. A Soft Story Retrofit Contractor in Tujunga will be needed to make sure your building can withstand the ground rolling and shaking if a quake should occur.

The steps involved in a retrofitting

The first step is to have your building assessed by a professional Tujunga soft-story retrofit contractor. They will come out and complete a thorough investigation and create a work plan if your building needs repairs. Once the work plan is put together, the next step is to apply for the building permits needed before any work can begin.

After the permits are issued, the contractor will oversee the project and work to make sure that it is completed in a timely manner. This could include adding more steel beams to any open spaces, or adding or extending sheer walls where needed. After the work is finished you will need to get it inspected by another professional, usually from the city.

Once the building passes the city’s inspection you will receive a full report of the completed project. As you can see, there are quite a few steps involved. The deadline to have the work completed and inspection done is 2022, so don’t waste time thinking about it, contact a professional to get started today.