Soft Story Retrofitting Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is considered by many Californians as one of the best cities to live in. The urban community is located in Los Angeles County and offers residents plenty of reasons to love it. Running through the center of town is the Ventura Boulevard with its trendy café’s, wine bars and gastro pubs.  The city is a shopper’s paradise with two modern malls, like the open-air Sherman Oaks Galleria. Like most Southern California cities, Sherman Oaks knows how it feels when an earthquake rolls through. They are also part of the Los Angeles earthquake retrofit program. Under the new building policies all soft-story buildings and structures built before 1994, need to be updated to better withstand seismic activity. You can find a number of Sherman Oaks Soft-Story Retrofit Contractors, like RetroFitting 360, which can make the whole process easier for you to understand.

How do you know if your building is a soft-story?

There are many types of buildings so how do you know if yours is classified as a “soft-story”. These types of buildings will have three, or more, stories. They also have a ground floor that is open, usually a commercial space with windows and doors. It could also include a parking garage with an opening on the front face of the building. The main categorization of a soft story building is that it is built above ground level.

After the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, soft story buildings were identified as being particularly susceptible to earthquakes. This is because there might not be enough support at the bottom of the building to support higher floors. In many buildings constructed before 1994, the upper floors collapsed onto the ground floor.

Sherman Oaks Soft-Story Retrofit Contractors have many solutions for retrofitting a soft story building. One option could be creating more shear walls that are better able to prop up existing floors. Or, if these walls already exist, they could be further re-enforced. As for parking garages, they may need extra steel beams or more columns to add more support.

Whatever repairs your building needs, you don’t have to worry about the details. Retrofitting 360, a reliable retrofitting contractor in Sherman Oaks, is an expert when it comes to soft-story structures. They have years of training and experience to help make sure your building is able to withstand any future earthquakes. Remember, that while the soft story retrofit program is mandatory, the goal is to save lives.

What is involved in the process?

A lot of work is needed to complete the retrofit process, so don’t wait until the last minute to get started. Have your chosen Soft Story Retrofit Contractor in Sherman Oaks complete an assessment of your building as soon as you can. When they are done they will create a detailed work plan for you that includes all of the repairs needed, an estimated cost, and tell you how long it should take. The next step is to acquire all of the necessary permits from the city so the work can begin.

You need to hire a professional contractor who has the training and skills needed for this type of job. Retrofitting 360 contractors are knowledgeable about the new building policies and will deliver the job effectively, professionally and affordably. After the work is complete, a city inspector will come out and make sure your structure meets the current safety standards. Remember, it is not about if another earthquake will hit Sherman Oaks, but when.