Soft Story Retrofitting Santa Monica

Santa Monica may have a population of less than 90,000 people, but it is still able to maintain an adventurous spirit. There is always a sense of excitement here, with life so close to the beach, Hollywood starts, and never-ending sun. Because of its amazing lifestyle, there is huge potential for growth with many potential homeowners turning to Santa Monica Retrofit Contractors to create the home of their dreams.

A History of Earthquakes

Among the highlights of Santa Monica is its immense walkway that parallels the Pacific Ocean. This is the lifeblood of the town and plays host to farmers markets and local fairs. Santa Monica is serviced by a network of bus routes so that the city is accessible to all. One really progressive element of those that live in Santa Monica is the commitment to the environment by its citizens. Perhaps because nature surrounds them, renewable energy sources play a prominent role in both vehicles and buildings.

While Santa Monica has many things to offer, homeowners still need to contend themselves with the ever-looming threat of earthquakes. Your home should be your sanctuary, and you should feel safe and secure in your home, no matter what. Unfortunately, many current-standing buildings were built before earthquake codes came into effect. With each major earthquake, more and more buildings have succumbed to the power and destruction of Mother Nature. One such example is the Majestic Theatre. Built in 1912 and home to an annual film festival, it was knocked completely down by a powerful 6.7 magnitude earthquake.

While such tragedies are terrible, it’s important to learn something from them. If you live in an older home, it is never too late to invest in your safety. There are many Santa Monica Retrofit Contractors, but you can count on Retrofitting 360. Retrofitting 360 serves property owners of Los Angeles and surrounding areas by providing safe, cost-effective solutions to the mandatory Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Program.

Unfortunately, the probability of more devastating earthquakes happening increases after other major disasters. Fault lines, like the San Andreas Fault, which runs underneath California, are constantly shifting and building up pressure. All experts agree that we can expect a series of moderate earthquakes in the near future in California and quite possible an almost catastrophic earthquake in the next 100 years.

Choose a Contractor

Santa Monica Retrofit Contractors like Retrofitting 360 use their expertise to ensure that your home will be protected in the future. A thorough survey is done that examines the foundation as well as the bond between the walls and floors. If there are weak points they will be strengthened. Foundation repair is top priority when there is threat of earthquakes. The procedure of retrofitting buildings can be done for both residential and commercial properties.

Santa Monica is a gorgeous part of California. It has never-ending sunshine, miles of beach, and a community that cares about the environment. Residents of Santa Monica know to respect the environment; Mother Nature is powerful and not to be underestimated. Be prepared as the next big earthquake could hit anytime and you want to feel secure in your own home.