Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live through a massive earthquake?

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You might not think about earthquakes every day, but when one does hit, you want to know that your family is safe and sound inside a home built with the latest technology available on the market today. That’s why we’re here – so you can rest easy knowing that if an earthquake strikes while you’re at work or school, everything will be okay because your family is protected by our best engineers team who specialize in this kind of work!

Soft story buildings are at risk of collapse during an earthquake. If your house has a bedroom or playroom above the attached garage, you may be at risk for this type of damage. You can also find out if your home is at risk by contacting a structural engineer to conduct a free assessment. They will determine whether there’s enough shear strength and stiffness between floors to keep your house from collapsing on itself during an earthquake.

Suppose it turns out that you do have soft story conditions. In that case, we recommend retrofitting the garage door with new plywood sheathing or steel reinforcements on each side of the door frame so it can withstand lateral movement during earthquakes. Some garage doors require steel frames to be retrofitted adequately for earthquakes, and an engineered retrofit does this.

Earthquake Retrofitting

Earthquake retrofitting is one of the cheapest ways to protect your home from damage during an earthquake. It’s also done quickly and without having to move out of your house.

How Retrofitting makes your home safe from Earthquakes?

Retrofitting is the process of strengthening and reinforcing existing structures against earthquakes. It can be done on new buildings, but it’s also possible to retrofit older homes. You might wonder if you need to do this work – or if it will even help in your area. But there are many reasons why homeowners should consider seismic upgrades as part of their home maintenance plan.

Retrofitting is not only about protecting yourself from injury or death; it’s also about protecting your investment and reducing repair costs after a disaster strikes. Homeowners who have made these improvements report that they feel more secure when at home, knowing that their family members are safe inside the building during an earthquake event. And because retrofitted homes tend to suffer minor damage than those without these safety features, insurance premiums may also go down!

Seismic Retrofitting

A seismic retrofit can also make your home or business more resilient and save lives during the next big quake.

Seismic retrofitting is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your property and loved ones from earthquake damage and destruction. A standard earthquake retrofit typically runs from $3,000 to $7,000.

You should also feel confident knowing that your home is more likely to suffer devastating damage after an earthquake without seismic improvements. The costs of repairing or rebuilding a severely damaged house are often much higher than those of proactive measures like seismic upgrades.

Bracing the Cripple Walls

Bracing your cripple walls can help prevent this from happening and save lives. Our bracing system is the best on the market and has been used by thousands of homeowners with great success!

By bracing these walls, you can increase safety for yourself and those around you. The process typically helps minimize damage to houses as well. It also enhances stability, which means less chance of injury or death due to structural failure during an earthquake.

Home bolted to its foundation.

If your building is not bolted to its foundation, there’s a good chance that the house will move during an earthquake. This can cause significant damage and may be costly to repair. Anchor bolts are used to attach a sill plate or steel plate. They must be installed for them to work, and that’s where we come in! We’ll make sure the job is done right, so you don’t have any problems with your foundation.

You don’t want your home falling apart in an earthquake! That’s why we’re offering free bolt inspections for homes in Los Angeles right now! We’ll send out one of our experienced inspectors who will make sure all of your bolts are up-to-date so you can rest easy knowing you’ve done everything possible to protect yourself from earthquakes! Possible!


It’s important to know that your house is at risk of damage in a significant earthquake. That’s why we recommend retrofitting your house with our seismic strengthening system. It will make sure your home can stand up to the shaking and protect you from injury or even death.

Retrofitting is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to protect yourself against earthquakes. And it’s easy – contact us today for a free estimate! We guarantee our quality 100%. You won’t find another soft-story retrofitting in Los Angeles like us on the market today that offers such high-quality service ! Call now before it’s too late! Act right now by clicking this ad for more information about how we can help you save money and keep you safe during earthquakes!

That’s why we recommend retrofitting your house with our seismic strengthening system. It will make sure your home can stand up to the shaking and protect you from injury or even death.